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Posted on January 13, 2015 by Clara G

Put the blame on Gilda, on her red hair, on those long black satin gloves driving all the attention to her perfect shoulders. Her self-confidence wearing that iconic strapless black dress, the way she sings, the way she dances, sure about her beauty, one glove is on the floor, her movements are deliberately powerful, the dress moves dangerously, somehow is promising to fall down, the camera plays with this effect. Jean Luis created a perfect outfit to build a perfect scene alive and modern since 1946. My gloves are long but not black, they are red. Not satin but wool. Not very tight, they are confortable and warm, they have no label, neither handling instructions, they are beautiful and anonymous.

Gilda smiles, plays, but she is a little sad, she seems to be drunk. There is a little bit of pain. It’s  easy to see the smile of the good girl turned into a femme fatal. Did Rita Hayworth wanted to create Gilda like this or is Rita the one that smiles behind Gilda? You are supposed to be true while dancing, and Rita was a professional dancer. Gilda wearing long gloves has been always on my mind, and of course I have always had a pair of long gloves, always… put the blame on me, I’ll show no repentance, I’ll suffer with pride, finally… I am not Gilda!