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Posted on March 24, 2015 by Gabriela Maria Vlad

“It often happens to me to discover people online and talk about them to my friends and see that, sooner or later, they get to become famous. I admire photographers, singers, movie makers, designers, architects, well.. you’ve got it… creative people. It might be my chance now to actually contribute to their launch.
But this is not about me, it’s about them and somebody already had a brilliant idea to bring them all together. The site is called and it’s definitely inspiring. Every artist is exposed in such a dreamy way, the camera lets you in their universe without even interfering. Each video is 1 minute long and seems more like a detailed introduction than a revealing story.

This is how they describe themselves: “The One Minute Wonder series is created by innovations-studio Present Plus. ‘Present Plus’ is a term that was coined a few years ago to define a new tense or moment in time that is somewhere between the present (now) and the future. A fundamental thought when founding our company. It’s about a point in time that the internet, cloud, and technology has made possible.
Technology allows people to obtain information and products faster and simpler than ever before, creating a point where the future is always within reach. Present Plus, as a company, wanted to be part of this movement and shape it. But with time being precious, we aimed to have equally precious stories be told in a time frame even the busiest people could digest. One Minute Wonders tells the story of others doing the same. They tell us to reach further.”

Here are some of my favorite statements I chose for you: