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Posted on August 19, 2013 by Teresa Cannata'

I’ve been into nail polish for most part of my life but only recently I’ve realized less and less mainstream brands are really worth the money they ask for a bottle of nail paint. The most overrated brand is obviously Chanel, whose nail polish chips on me in the blink of an eye, but many other brands are. They have loyal fans, true, but they don’t really bring forth anything new. Indie brands are a completely different story and I’ve often explained why: they can’t compete with giant brands when it comes to advertising, retailing and turnover, but the creativity they put in their products has no equals. Just take a look at the newly-launched Once Upon a Prince and More Man Candy collection by Lynnderella and see if I’m not right.

I know it sounds crazy but I don’t own any Lynnderella nail polish yet; still I can’t help but fall in love with each and every new collection, because Lynn Chrisman is really bringing the glitter bombs every nail polish addict loves to a higher level. Furthermore, her sources of inspiration are so appealing that it’s impossible not to love her products. Wanna dive into a multicolour ocean of glitter? Let’s see the following nine shades.

OUAPDo you remember Aquaman, the Marvel superhero who was also protagonist of an animated tv series in the 1970s? The water life magic has inspired AquaMan Candy, made with a cyan-shimmered cyan base full of cyan glitters with red, pink, white and green accents. On the other hand, the traditional incipit of fairy tales served as title for Once Upon a Prince, whose translucent purple and blue-shimmered purple base is accented with scattered multiglitter.

MPThe One That Got Away is the title of a Katy Perry song. I guess Lynn has given her nail polish a slightly different name (changing the relative pronoun) because the song had already given the name to an OPI nail polish. Whatever the case, The One Who Got Away is full of assorted black and bright-coloured glitter in matte and satin finishes; the clear base is accented with microglitter. On the other hand, Mr. Pink contains pink glitters of all sizes, shapes and finishes in a warm pink-shimmered clear base. I believe the name is a homage to one of the protagonists of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, played by Steve Buscemi.

MDThe Full Minty has a sparkling mint-shimmered base and an array of satin mint and white glitters accented with several shades of green. Its name is inspired to the famous 1997 comedy by Peter Cattaneo where a group of unemployed workers form a striptease act. Mr. Darcy (one of my favourite shades) was – in Lynn’s words – “inspired by devotion to and deep love for chivalrous gentlemen who have good manners and behave courteously”. The reference is obviously to the romantic hero of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The clear base contains glitters in grey, lavender, gunmetal, periwinkle, red and navy.

TWIt’s Raining Shaman contains neon, opaque and satin yellows and oranges with black, grey, pink, red and multiglitter; holographic gold microglitter and multishimmer can also be found suspended in a clear base. Its name comes from the classic 1982 dance anthem by the Weather Girls, covered in 2001 by Geri Halliwell. Tidy Whities (a slang term for briefs) is a mixture of opaque and translucent whites with assorted tiny pastel and iridescent glitters. 

OE!The shade that has literally stolen my heart? Oh Eric…!, “a love letter to True Blood‘s Sheriff Northman of Area 5 in Louisiana”. It aptly contains red metallic, neon pink, purple and red heart-shaped glitters in a pink-shimmered translucent red base. It’s beautiful on a purple base but it’s spectacular on black. This is a shade I would really like in my stash since I’ve got a thing for red glitter nail polishes.

Have you written your wish list yet? Which men-inspired shades would you put in it?