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Posted on October 31, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Harlow is proud to announce brand new Hold It With Regard. His name is  Vittorio Ciccarelli, he  was born in Naples in 1980, he lives and works  in Aversa, Caserta. Vittorio is an architect with a great passion for art and loves to conducts experimental researches in the photography field. Started as an auto didactic, Ciccarelli has attended several workshop to professionalize his job and passion. Harlow just adores him: his sincere and sexy approach, his bold and secure eye. His use of colors, his simplicity, his over the top irony. Hype realist in some moments, new Dadaist in others, Vittorio never miss his intent of celebrating beauty while deconstructing. Everything is in discussion, even the most unexpected object. Vittorio Ciccarelli is represented by Sakura Art Gallery, Paris.