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Posted on December 5, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Little I still know about this photographer, but I must admit it was a pleasure getting to know his photography. His, is maybe not a new way to interpret the ocean but surely a vehement manner to consider it. What you get by seeing his images of amazing big waves is an appeal to water in motion. Paul Bobko’s unique interpretation of the water started while sitting on a surfboard waiting for the perfect wave. In his short and meditative time he started seeing the shape and energy of the wave itself. Even if Californian by birth, Paul lives and works as photographer in New York City.
His series of work was photographed on the shores of the New York and California coasts. The composition of each image is similar to that of a formal landscape, the photograph shoots at the horizon and his point of view and perspective is the one just before the water changes into an approaching wall of water. The energy that propels from it changes shape each time. The structure of the landscape becomes active and the captured moment create a unique result and an endless number of possibilities. There’s an appealing sculptural form of the water. There’s poetry in every shape. The viewer will react to the images and interpret their significance according to their own experiences and imagination. I got speechless. The ocean is a rigid and mesmerizing creature and capturing its force and ardor and turning it into something extraordinary is an achievement to be rewarded.